Farewell, So Long & Goodbye | On Calls Final Broadcast

After 15 + years on the air, Dr. Edney and Mike Corley says farewell on this, the last regular episode of the On Call broadcast. On this program they reminisce about past programs, favorite episodes and interviews, humorous moments and special memories, and take time to thank all of those who made the program possible.

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How’s Trump affecting ObamaCare?

From One News Now.com

The Trump administration continues to be accused of trying to sabotage ObamaCare, but some critics of the healthcare law say it was in peril before Trump took office.

A recent case of the “s” word involves The Huffington Post, which claims the uninsured rate is worsening after years of ObamaCare’s gains. “Trump’s sabotage of ObamaCare seems to be having predictable consequences,” it declares.

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Natural Disaster | Health and Safety

On this weeks edition of On Call, Dr. Edney and Mike Corley discuss the devastating effects of natural disasters such as hurricanes. What should those affected do to prepare? What safety and health precautions should one take before and after a natural disaster? Dr. Edney discusses this and talks about where God is in such situations?

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