Natural Disaster | Health and Safety

On this weeks edition of On Call, Dr. Edney and Mike Corley discuss the devastating effects of natural disasters such as hurricanes. What should those affected do to prepare? What safety and health precautions should one take before and after a natural disaster? Dr. Edney discusses this and talks about where God is in such situations?

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Obamacare, McCain and Q&A

The Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, has survived yet more attempts to repeal it; but is a revision better than a repeal. On this weeks episode of On Call, Dr. Dan Edney discusses this issue, plus talks about Senator John McCain and his sudden health issue. AND….your questions and answers from the good doctor.

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AMA & Assisted Suicide | Breast Cancer Awareness | Presidential Race


In this episode, Dr. Edney and Mike Corley discuss the question ‘Will the American Medical Association (AMA) Abandon Its Opposition to Assisted Suicide?’ Also, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and the doctor will talk about advances in diagnosing and treating breast cancer. And, what are the major health issues that are created by natural disasters such as Hurricane Matthew? All this and more on this weeks program!

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