Natural Disaster | Health and Safety

On this weeks edition of On Call, Dr. Edney and Mike Corley discuss the devastating effects of natural disasters such as hurricanes. What should those affected do to prepare? What safety and health precautions should one take before and after a natural disaster? Dr. Edney discusses this and talks about where God is in such situations?

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The Beginning of a New ERA | Trump’s 100 Days


Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States. What can we expect him to do in his 100 days? What about Obamacare? Does Trump and the GOP have a replacement plan? Listen to this episode as Dr. Edney, who is a Board of Trustee for the American Medical Association and the President of the Mississippi State Medical Association, offers valuable insight to the questions, and more!

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Updates! | Zika Virus and Measles

From an outbreak in South America to another in south Florida, Americans are concerned about the Zika Virus. What is it? What are the symptoms? Who is at greatest risk? Will see more of the virus in America? Dr Edney discusses all of this, plus the resurgence of measles in the United States and the importance of getting your child immunized. This and a lot more on this weeks edition of On Call with Dr. Dan Edney

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