Obamacare, McCain and Q&A

The Affordable Care Act, Obamacare, has survived yet more attempts to repeal it; but is a revision better than a repeal. On this weeks episode of On Call, Dr. Dan Edney discusses this issue, plus talks about Senator John McCain and his sudden health issue. AND….your questions and answers from the good doctor.

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The Beginning of a New ERA | Trump’s 100 Days


Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States. What can we expect him to do in his 100 days? What about Obamacare? Does Trump and the GOP have a replacement plan? Listen to this episode as Dr. Edney, who is a Board of Trustee for the American Medical Association and the President of the Mississippi State Medical Association, offers valuable insight to the questions, and more!

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Disaster Response…ObamaCare…and E-Cigs

In this week’s program, Dr. Edney and Mike Corley discuss the devastation left in the wake of a wave of killer tornadoes that swept through the southern region of the United States and what specific health care problems occur because of them. Also, the very latest on Obamacare and specifically how it is effecting you and your family. Then, are E-Cigarettes a healthy alternative to giving up smoking?

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