A New Beginning

King Solomon teaches in Ecclesiastes that there is a time for everything and these are exciting times for the ON CALL radio program. Submitting ourselves to the leadership of Godís Holy Spirit, Mike Corley and I were led to develop what we like to call ” a different kind of radio show “. We have dedicated this show to serve God by serving you-our listeners, and God has blessed us through you by making the show successful. The last eight months have truly been a time of professional and spiritual growth as we sought Godís will in how to present this ministry and in studying to bring you the best healthcare information available. All of this has been meant to encourage you in pursuing God ordained health and healing and to help you make better decisions in maintaining that God given health.

As the format for this program has developed and matured and as demand for on air time from our listeners has increased, it became evident that growth was needed. It was also needed to better accomplish the mission statement of this ministry ” Impacting Lives…One Caller At A Time!” Before making any final decisions, the ministry leadership prayed and studied over various options and God opened doors to show us how to proceed. We were faced with several decisions and different opportunities on how to expand the show to other areas and what time format to use. It was all important to us that the needs of our listeners and more importantly the will of God be honored regardless of what our desires might be.

I want to share with you a great example of how Christian discipleship is supposed to work. Many of you are familiar with and listen to The Dave Ramsey Show. We have always respected the ministry Mr. Ramsey has in the area of personal finances and in many ways we approach our ministry in a similar light in terms of healthcare information. We were blessed several months ago to be invited by Dave Ramsey and his staff to spend a day with them learning and discussing options, questions, concerns, and issues we were facing. The staff and Dave Ramsey himself could not have been more gracious to us that day and were able to settle our minds regarding several important issues. Our heartfelt thanks go out to these wonderful Godly people who were willing to go out of their way to help fellow believers get started in ministry. It is a lesson we all need to remember. Please keep supporting and praying for them as they are salt and light in the world of talk radio.

Now we feel the path is clear and although this next step is filled with some anxiety, it is also filled with excitement and joy. Starting May 28, we are launching three new ON CALL products which we pray will be a blessing to our listeners. First, we will be expanding to a two hour format. The first hour from 4-5p.m. cst on Fridays will remain live in the coverage area of our flagship station WQBC 1420 AM in Vicksburg, MS. We plan for this to be a more relaxed time with a strong local flavor. This was important so that we could honor and specifically serve our charter listeners and supporters. Secondly, we are expanding our coverage area with the second hour from 5-6pm cst being sent to new syndicated markets. The second hour will have more of a regional feel to it in keeping with the needs of all of our listeners. Of course, the show will still be streamed on the internet on wqbc.net and now on our own website. The website in fact is the third product we are launching. Oncallradio.net has been in production for over four months and we are really proud of the finished product. The website is meant to be another teaching tool for the ministry as well as an excellent means of communicating with each other and collecting reliable information.

Despite these changes, many things will remain the same. You will still be able to enjoy relevant interviews, medical website and book reviews, and the same detailed review of current topics in medicine with our distinctive Christian world view. We will also continue to solicit your health related prayer requests and will still spend time in prayer for our listeners and with our listeners.

These are indeed exciting times for us at ON CALL and we hope that you will enjoy the fruit of this labor of love. Your opinions, thoughts, attitudes, prayer requests, and especially your recommendations for future shows is strongly encouraged. Please stay in touch with us as we stay in touch with you. Please pray for us as we try to serve and honor Christ through this ministry. Thanks for joining us as we move forward and invite your friends to come along as we ” impact the world together… one show at a time! ”

Go and Be Well for Godís Glory,

Dr. Dan Edney

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