The American Right to Healthcare

As the presidential election of 2008 approaches, the focus on the problems with American healthcare intensifies. Unfortunately, there are many complicated challenges facing our citizens in terms of providing first- rate yet affordable healthcare to meet our nation’s healthcare needs. As this debate has progressed, I have noticed a question that is being asked with increasing frequency. That being “Is healthcare a fundamental American right?” Continue reading “The American Right to Healthcare”

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The State of the Union

state of the union 08In his last State of the Union address, President Bush stood before Congress and delivered a message telling America to hang tough amidst its recession woes and protracted Iraq war, and addressed healthcare issues saying, “To build a future of quality health care, we must trust patients and doctors to make medical decisions and empower them with better information and better options,” Bush declared. “We share a common goal: making health care more affordable and accessible for all Americans. The best way to achieve that goal is by expanding customer choice, not government control.”

This week on On Call, Dr. Edney analyzes the President’s remarks and offers his insight and commentary on the State of the Union.


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Fearfully and Wonderfully Made, intricate, pulsing with energy…

The human body is an endlessly fascinating repository of secrets. The miracle of the skin, the strength and structure of the bones, the dynamic balance of the muscles . . .your physical being is knit according to a pattern of incredible purpose. In Fearfully and Wonderfully Made, renowned surgeon Dr. Paul Brand and best-selling writer Philip Yancey explore the human body. Join them in a remarkable journey through inner space — a spellbinding world of cells, systems, and chemistry that bears the impress of a still deeper, unseen reality. This Gold medallion Award-winning book uncovers eternal statements that God has made in the very structure of our bodies, presenting captivating insights into the Body of Christ.

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