What a Gift: The Spiritual Gift of Healing

For the disciple of Christ, living the Christian life is never easy. The struggles to mimic our Savior through righteousness, faithfulness, love and obedience strain against every fiber of our carnal being. We are commanded to serve others first when we really want to look after our own wants and needs. We are commanded to love our enemies when we really want to see them taken out by a precision-guided bomb. We are commanded to minister and heal the sick and suffering when we really donít want to face our own mortality. So how do we live, and serve, and grow spiritually whilst combating a world, which hates us? The answer is simple. We donít. God does it for us.
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“The Long Good-Bye” of Alzheimerís Disease

Much appropriate attention has been paid recently to this devastating disease historically known as Alzheimerís Disease. With the high profile nature of President Reaganís illness and eventual death the nation now embarks on a debate about how to deal with it. Do we as a free people chose to possibly alleviate suffering through embryonic stem cell research or do we continue with traditional approaches. The answer is uncertain. Either choice has positive and negative consequences. Neither choice is a simple or even satisfactory solution. Where do we go from here?
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A Legacy to Remember-The Life and Death of Ronald Reagan

This week has been a time not only for national mourning but of reflection as well. President Ronald Reagan should and I think will be remembered for the man of character, strength, and positive vision that he truly was. The obvious accomplishments of his administration including achieving victory in the Cold War, invigorating a stagnant economy that threatened the future of so many Americans, and inspiring the nation with a sense of patriotism and national healing for which we were yearning are still major influences on the world we live in.
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